“Where Science Rises to the Level of Art”

Mission Summary:
To champion innovation and Pennsylvania’s Horticultural legacy, in Harrisburg and
Philadelphia, through community engagement with plants, environmental stewardship,
history, culture, arts and sport.
To engage community volunteers and partners in the development of gardens,
especially concept gardens, to enhance neighborhoods and public spaces.
To provide education, appreciation, and concern for plants and their environments.

Our Gardens
Historic City Gardens, primarily, specializes in themed, concept gardens, in which we utilize community volunteers to achieve high level Ornamental Horticulture.  These gardens display specialty plants, with a distinct garden design.  We also consider elements such as color, size and texture to create interest.  Our Goal is to delight the senses and encourage others to do Horticulture.  Some of our garden themes include a Woodland Garden, a Whirly Twirly Garden, and English Style Garden, a Chinese Tea Garden, a Cinderella Garden, etc.  Historic City Gardens also has accomplished these gardens through our love of propagation in addition to purchased plants.

Our Spring City Beautiful 2.0 Garden Tour
This Tour occurred in May and June of 2021 in Midtown Harrisburg, PA. It featured
12 Residential Gardens and 20-25 Front Spaces per Tour. The Tour was Guided and Educational Tour, displaying 175 spring blooming plants and plants of spring interest.
We also covered “best practices”. In advance of the Tour, the previous fall, Historic
City Gardens planted 300 spring flowing bulbs. All Gardens were enhanced, according
to a devised Plan as a means of neighborhood improvement.

The following images show some of the plants displayed during the first of our three Tour Dates (early spring).

Historic City Gardens cordially requests your donation, as we continue to work toward beautification.